What Happens When You Live The Stuck Life

Self Confidence

What is so bad about a Stuck Life?

You may be thinking, “I’m doing okay. I have a good job. I take care of myself. I put food on the table, a roof over our heads, money in the bank, and cars to get us to soccer games, music lessons, and parent teacher conferences. What’s wrong with that?”

You may find it very hard to be honest with yourself about this.

I know that if you take a hard look at your life…look deep into your heart, you’ll start to see what I mean.

Here’s what happens to a person who’s living the life that others told them they should live.

I suspect you can relate.

The two-story home. The white picket fence. The playful golden doodle. The two children. The yoga class.

You keep your head down, living day after day of mind numbing sameness. Each day is the same with only the weekday changing.

Then one day, something triggers a feeling inside of you.

You lift your head up and look around. You look with enough clarity, you realize that YEARS have slipped away from you. When you live a life that’s wrong for you, time sneaks away.

That lost time leaves you holding a dark hole of nothing. That time you lost can NEVER BE RECOVERED.   It’s gone forever.

You slowly, but surely, been shutting more and more of yourself down. You’ve been denying the Real You.

By focusing on the fears holding you back, your mind imprisons you in that small, limited, and unsatisfying life. No one needs to borrow someone else’s fears but that’s what you do when you live according to the opionion of others.

You feel like you’re in a rowboat with the choice of traveling on many different routes. You have a secret dream for your life but like so many of us, you were forced to take a detour.

It’s okay.

Exploring what lies around the detour feels good.

What’s not okay?

Getting stuck in those detours when there’s nothing there to help you get closer to your dreams.

Depending on how long you stray into the detours will dicate whether your rowboat stills has its oars or lost them along the way.

Here’s the truth.

Don’t live a stranded life. Regrets of not having lived certain things won’t serve to row you back out to moving waters.

Too many people live in the wrong life.

They’re afraid to take a chance and go after their dreams. They were afraid to share their unique talents. They were afraid of failure. They were afraid of uncertainty. They were afraid of walking on shaky ground.

That’s sad and depressing. Don’t you think?

How about you?

Do you have a little bit of courage to say, “I want, deserve, and am entitled to more?”

Don’t be one of those people who defines and limits their life by basing their choices on pleasing and getting the approval of those around them. While it’s nice to have others think you’re great and all that, you shouldn’t allow that need for approval to define your life.

When you live by the expectations of others, you bury the real you further down. By living this way, the chances for happiness and living a fulfilling and satisfying life jump out the window.

There’s little chance for it to come back. The chances die.

You deserve better.

You now understand what happens when you live the life that is wrong for you. You understand all you lose and can never get back when you live the stuck life.

Open your eyes to the many physical and mental parts of you that start dying when you continue living the wrong life.

Because…you deserve better!

Growing up, Loretta Holmes, founder of Bella Coaching Services wanted to be a teacher and a coach but life got in the way. Whispers of a “steady job to pay the bills” drove her to a detour that is her life now. Dissatisfied with where her life was going, she decided to push aside her self-doubts and other people’s negative words and just went for it. Now, she is the owner of Bella Coaching and pushing to make more dreams come true.

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