The ball has fallen.

New resolutions for 2019 have been made.

And last year…every day you did nothing to change knowing you’re living the stuck life.

2019 is going to be different! Right?

But there are parts of you that are still dying. Maybe you can’t feel or see the symptoms yet. Trust me, they are there!

The automated thinking programmed into your brain is like a poison to the Real You.

Your brain is dying.

Your heart is dying.

Your eyes are dying.

Your soul is dying.

The essence of you is dying.

There’re parts of you shriveling into nothing.

Shriveling into wasted heartbeats.

Do you remember how pumped up you felt when you did something you liked? You got that pumped up feeling because you were doing something that was like food for the real you. You were feeling and caring for the real you.

You felt alive and limitless.

You felt that way and would love to feel that way in every aspect of your life. It’s okay. You’re not alone in your feelings. I feel that way too. Actually, quite a few billion of us feel that way too.

Don’t you want to keep that feeling going in 2019 instead of the negative, sour feelings? Don’t you want that pumped up energy fueling your body and mind every day?

Here’s the truth.

You have to make a change. DARE TO BE EVEN A LITTLE BRAVE.

Break the mold into which you were pushed or trapped.

If you don’t reinvent yourself – giving yourself some ‘self-care’ – then your life will forever stay small, limited, and unsatisfying. The stuck life can start reversing the moment you decide to stop living the wrong life.

You need to forgive yourself for all the past mistakes. They’re just that, in the past. Leave them there. Leave your mistakes behind. Take the lessons learned with you.

Forgive yourself and start a clean slate.

Next week I’ll show you how it’s never too late to get yourself on the right path.

Loretta Holmes, MA CMHWC is an ADHD and Anxiety Coach at Bella ADHD Coaching and Bella Anxiety Coaching. Before pursuing a career in coaching, she worked as a special education teacher. Today, she combines her skills in teaching, psychology, and coaching to help humans feel like superheroes.
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