How To Reach Your Goals Without Anxiety


Fastest cyclist in my age group at the world championship.  That’s all I wanted.

I almost got there, too, before getting hit while cycling by a driver who was texting his GF.

My helmet was shattered. My face smashed on to the pavement. I thought my back was broken. My shoulder was so injured, I had two horrific surgeries.

All I could think of was:

What if my beloved bike was destroyed?
What if I had died?
What will happen to my mental health if cycling was no longer part of my life?

The what if’s we’re going through my head faster than a race car driver winning the Indy 500 at record speed.

When I think of all the hundred of hours searching for answers, it feels like such a waste.

Or was it?

When I reflect on the whole experience, the thing that dominated was an overwhelming sense of anxiety the accident created.

Back then, my imagined age group championship win couldn’t come fast enough. Or if it would come at all.

The cycling world was pedaling fast forward and I was left behind. For months.

With the wisdom of hindsight, I recognize now the foolishness of this approach.

I was so anxious to be back on the bike I never enjoyed the present.

I now have a process that allows me to achieve my goals without stress or anxiety.

Whatever your goal is..try tackling it like this:

? Define the goal. Describe it as clearly as you can.
? Map out what you must DO to achieve the goal, including: What you must do every day/week/month and what you will give up to complete these tasks (Netflix marathons, socializing, etc.)

Now the good bit – forget about the goal.

Here’s the truth.

The goal is no longer the goal.

The daily/weekly/monthly tasks are your new goals.

Focus ONLY on those.

Once you get into a rhythm and you start knocking out your tasks, you will already be successful, because your tasks are now your goals.

You’ll make better decisions; you’ll be a lot calmer about the progress you’re making and draw comfort from the knowledge that consistent, intentional action is the best way to create what you want.

I promise.

It almost guarantees the outcome.

If you’re going to create a remarkable life; if you have big dreams for you and your family, there’s no point killing yourself or making yourself sick trying to reach them.

Otherwise, you’ll have failed.

Try this new approach and start being successful today, minus the anxiety.

When I got back on the bike, I started pedaling toward small goals. And then a bigger goal. And then another bigger goal..and another.

With this approach…I finished 3rd in my age group at the World Time Trial Championships. Yep, I was once the 3rd best cyclist in the world in the 50-59 age group. How cool is that?!

When you’re ready, snag my FREE guide, My Top 10 Secrets to Goal Planning here.  You’re gonna LOVE it! 

Loretta Holmes, M.A. CMHWC is known for helping teens and women trample their anxiety without pills or lengthy coaching.  As an inspirational Life Coach, she coaches Generation Z and women how to feel worthy and gain self-confidence.   Because Loretta clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, she totally gets it. Through her business, Bella Coaching Services, Loretta is changing the way we understand the current mental health crisis. 

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