How to Pursue Your Happiness One Step at a Time

Self Confidence

If you have a kiddos, chances are, you would do almost anything for them.

I would do anything for my sweet kiddos.

When Jamie began her junior in high school she was excited.   She was also nervous because she had no idea she wanted to pursue after high school.  School was the last place she wanted to be.

After months of thinking, Jamie realized she wanted to be a western horse trainer.

I had given Jamie all the time in the world to choose what she wanted to learn.

One day, I asked, “Jamie, have you decided what you would like to do after high school?”

“Mom, I’m thinking about a Western or English horse trainer.”

I’m all about chasing your dreams, however, I wondered how this was going to happen. Are there colleges or universities that offer a horse training curriculum?

This lit a fire under Jamie.  She was determined to pursue this road to happiness, no matter how hard the journey may be.

“Mom, I’ve made up my mind.  I am going to be western horse trainer!”

The very next morning, Jamie and I mapped out a plan to visit two colleges that offer Western and English Horse training majors.  Jamie felt less than confident in her ability to succeed.

When we got home from visiting a private colleges in Ohio and Colorado, Jamie knew the journey was going to be tough but she stuck to it.  She knew she could do it.  However, she had self- doubts weighing on her.

At one of the colleges, Jamie had to show her horse handling skills and her riding skills in front of a team of instructors.  I believed she would very well.  Goodness, Jamie has been riding horses since she was seven years old.  And, because of her hard work all these years, Jamie was to show her knowledge of horses.

Jamie was accepted to both colleges!

Initially, like so many of us, Jamie’s fear of failure almost kept her from pursuing her dream of becoming a horse trainer.  And, when she finally worked up the courage to follow her passion, she still had self-doubt.  Nonetheless, Jamie stuck to her guns and achieved exactly what she set out to do.

She pursued her happiness!

Surely, you’ve encountered a situation where your lack of confidence has stopped you from chasing something you know you would love to do.  However, if you didn’t even try, you’ve already lost the battle.

Maybe you couldn’t give that executive your elevator pitch because you thought she wouldn’t spare a second to talk to you.  Or you may have even opted for a “safe” college major rather than what you truly love to do.

It’s important to remember that every day is an opportunity.  And pursuing your happiness can effectively be done just one step at a time.

If you want to be a doctor someday, the first step is showing up to class.  If you want to work as a bridal consultant, the first step is handing out resumes.  And if you want to start a family, the first step is trying to conceive with your spouse.

Once you take the first step, the ones that follow seem to fall into place!

So, do you have the self-confidence to chase your dreams?  Have you sat down and to truly define what your dreams are?   What is your day-to-day game plan in order to ensure your success?   If not, snag your copy of my free download, How To Boost Your Self Confidence in 10 Easy Steps here.  You’re gonna LOVE it! 


Loretta Holmes, M.A.  CMHWC is the owner of Bella Coaching Services and is known to help humans trample their fears and anxiety without pills or lengthy therapy.   Craving confidence? Download your free guide, How To Build Your Confidence in 10 Easy Steps! 

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