Let’s Get Real About Anxiety

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If you’re a mom living with anxiety, you know how hard it can be to get out of bed in the morning (let alone live your day-to-day life!).

It’s even worse when you feel like you’re alone.

Here at Bella Coaching, I’m making an effort to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of our conversations.

I’ve made it my mission to talk about living with anxiety so women everywhere can stop feeling like they’re alone in this fight.  I want others to understand how they can help loved ones with anxiety.

So…let’s be real for a minute.  Life sucks somedays.  There are days where you want to lock yourself in your bedroom and ignore the world for just a moment.  It can be too much to handle, especially if you’re already juggling a career, relationship, and children.

Like so many of us, I have been living with anxiety for most of my life.  It wasn’t until I went through postpartum depression and my anxiety intensified that I realized it.  In the span of two years, I quit my college education, got married, had a baby, then had another baby, completed my academic journey, all while dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.

I realized it was time to start talking about it publicly.

Living with anxiety is a daily struggle.  For me, the one thing I do every day that makes a huge difference is exercise.  I go to Cross Fit  2 days a week, and when I’m not strength training, I focus on cycling.

I’m often asked what are four things I do to cope with anxiety.  Exercise, of course!  Talking about it (life coaching), sharing it on social media and essential oils (I swear by Cheer) is therapeutic. I love journaling.  This is why. Journaling can relieve stress by helping you work through your anxious feelings.  I started with medication and then was able to move to this more holistic approach.

I am human.  I have faced some of the biggest challenges while living with anxiety and raising my family.  I went through a dark time with postpartum depression, so by far that was my BIGGEST challenge.  Having moved past that, I would say today, my biggest challenge is that I don’t always have control over when my anxiety hits and often times I am alone and a panic attack will hit.

I do my very best to prepare myself when I anticipate a situation that may make me extra anxious.  I push through it using strategies I’ve learned and remove myself from the situation.

When you are dealing with anxiety it is often hard to recognize and once you do, it is even harder to admit you need help.  There are two ways I can help.

Loretta Holmes is the founder of Bella Coaching Services and is known for helping humans trample their fears and anxiety without pills or lengthy coaching.  When Loretta is not helping others, you can find her exploring new roads on her gravel bike or walking her doodles, Riley and Stella along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan.

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