What Do You See When You Look into the Mirror?

Self Confidence

Have you ever taking a long look in the mirror and really notice who you are?

Recently, I took a long look in the mirror.  I was silently screaming.

“I would like to be the world’s fastest cyclist in my age group.”

“I would like every mom to feel happiness.”

“I would like anxiety and depression to fall off the face of our earth.”

I invite you to do this.  Take a long hard look in the mirror and really notice who you are.

This is why. Because that’s all it takes to change the world.

We’re all screaming for peace right now – not just world peace – but peace in our cities, in our workplaces, in our homes and in our minds.

There has to be a better way to end this madness.  Can I get an amen?!

We need a new way of doing things.  Yet we seem to be stuck in outdated modes of thought that have not been working.  Iff they did work, we wouldn’t be in the predicaments we are in now.

The past will keep repeating itself until we make a conscious choice to go in a new direction.

Going in a new direction begins inside of you, of me, and us as individuals. Until we change as individuals, only then can the world change.

What direction do you want to go in 2020?

One of my favorite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi – ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’  So to have world peace we have to look in the mirror. Take a look and find the peace you’re searching for in your heart.

If you can’t find the peace you’re searching for – ask yourself this question.

“What am I missing?’

It’s not missing – it’s been there with you all along waiting for you to begin your search within. Peace isn’t hard to find at all. You just have to dig from underneath all of the rubble – fear and anger. Once you push the fear and anger to the side peace will be in plain view.

Pushing aside fear and anger is not an easy task.  I was full of anger and full of resentment when the step-mom purposely failed to let me know my dad passed away.  I found out by opening our local newspaper and seeing his photo in the obituary section.

“Hey, I know that guy.”

When you find peace in your heart you start to release it. It becomes infectious. Joy soon follows and a sense of calm is not too far behind.  All of this from one good look in the mirror. One hard look at who you really are.

That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.

The easy part?  It’s easy to pass it on.  Remind your loved ones to find their peace within. They’ll know it can be done because they would have seen the transformation in you. Be a walking example of peace and watch how it spreads.

When others come to you full of fear and anger remember the peace within yourself.  Gently remind them that no matter how bad it gets it will eventually work itself out for the best.

We get what we dwell upon.  If we keep our thoughts based on fear and anger that’s what we’ll continue to get. Instead let’s focus on peace – peace within ourselves and let these thoughts multiply.

Remember this.   Be the change you want to see – so be peaceful within your heart and watch your world begin to mirror that.

Life-changing stuff here, right?

Begin your journey of self-confidence with my super guide, How To Boost Your Self Confidence in 10 Easy Steps.  You’re gonna LOVE it!

Loretta Holmes is the founder of Bella Coaching Services and is known for helping moms build confidence they need to live the life the once envisioned for themselves without medication or new age therapy.  When Loretta is not helping other moms, you can find her exploring new roads on her gravel bike or walking her doodles, Riley and Stella along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan.

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