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ADHD Calendar


ADHD Dilemmas - Solved! 


Become the Coolest Mom on the Block! 

Download our fun and creative adventure calendar for kids with ADHD today! 

Get practical and creative behavioral strategies for children with ADHD in our guide, ADHD Dilemmas – Solved!

Stay in the loop with your middle schooler and decode their language with our guide, 24 Middle School Slang Words Every Parent Should Know!


Healing Hearts Trauma Informed Guide For Foster/Adoptive Parents


EMO – Saving Coping Cards


Is Your Child with Special Needs Ready for Kindergarten?  

Gain valuable insights and support for nurturing your foster/adoptive child through trauma with our free Healing Hearts Guide.

Empower your child to navigate their big emotions effectively with our free downloadable and printable coping cards.

Our free checklist for parents with children with special needs is here to help you prepare your child for the exciting milestone of kindergarten! 

Teach for Attention Masterclass

Teach for Attention! Is your online workshop offering effective classroom strategies tailored for ADHD learners, empowering educations to create engaging and supportive environments for every student to thrive. 


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Classroom Strategies for ADHD Learners

Harmony Within! 


Transforming Trauma


Family Connected!


Empowering moms to teach creative self-regulation skills to thier child 

Harmony Within! Is an online masterclass that equips parents with creative and interactive tools to guide their children in mastering emotional management. Join the workshop waitlist now and embark on a transformative journey towards nurturing emotional resilience and harmony with your family. 

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transforming Trauma Workshop is an empowering workshop for foster/adoptive parents

Join for an online transformative Healing Hearts Masterclass where foster and adoptive parents learn how to guide their children with challenging pasts on the path to survival and healing.  Gain valuable tools, insights, and support to nurture resilience and love in your family.  Together, we can create a brighter future for our children.  

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Nurturing Attachment and Build Trust in Children for Foster and Adopted Parents

Family Connected is an online masterclass dedicated to foster and adoptive parents, focusing on nurturing attachment and trust within families. Discover essential tools and strategies to strengthen bonds and create a supportive and connected family environment. Join the waitlist and join us on this empowering journey towards building lasting relationships with your child. 

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Empowering Parents to Prepare Their Child with a Disability For Kindergarten and Beyond

KinderConnect is a comprehensive online program designed to empower parents in preparing their child with a disability or learning challenge for kindergarten and beyond. Discover expert guidance, personalized strategies, and valuable resources to ensure a smooth transition and set a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey.

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