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It's time to own your strengths and do and have whatever you want. 

I’m a small-town Michigan life coach, endurance athlete, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with:  cycling, whole fruits, puppies, a nap in the sunshine, and yoga pants, I like to keep it real. 

I'm here to help you move forward. I work with you to consider the past and heal it, but not by expending all your precious energy there. I guide you to clean up its energy HERE in the now. We make clear meaning around it, honor and deeply validate it, so you can finally release its imprint for good.

My love of helping others started early. From the garden I started when I was 8 years old to the baby ducks I found a home for when I was 10, I have always been passionate about nurturing life. I have also personally felt deep empathy for others and understood the complexities of other’s pain.  I, too, have recovered from family chaos and resulting panic attacks. Using this keen understanding of how and why people get stuck, and my unique and varied training and experience I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people find peace of mind and create a life full of vitality.

Nobody knows exactly how you interpret your feelings, BUT I understand being in pain. That is one thing clients tell me over and over:  that, as a health and wellness life coach, I "get it" when rarely do they feel like anyone gets them. Heard. That's what you would feel when we worked together: Understood. Seen. Accepted.

I want to help you build that bridge between that unchecked dream life you put on the shelf to you living it out.   How about as soon as possible?

How I Work With Clients....

Investment: $497 

+ 12-45 minute in-person coaching sessions
+ Email support & safe, private client Portal for moms & Dads
+ creative, simple, and Fun weekly actions plans

Perhaps your child's worry has a way of growing, shifting from not-a-big-deal to a VERY BIG DEAL in the blink of an eye.  This big deal worry is tricking, luring children into behaviors that keep the ADHD/Anxiety cycle going.  Your child may find hard to fight back against their worry. 

Not anymore!  Unstuck and On Target is a 12-week ADHD or Anxiety coaching program that teaches your child (7-16 year-olds) problem solving, flexibility, goal setting, and coping through fun coaching that work for learners with ADHD or anxiety.


Coaching forYour Little Human

Unstuck & On target: ADHD Or Anxiety Coaching

Investment: $997

+ (12) 60-Minute In Person Or virtual coaching sessions
+ Weekly email support
+ weekly action plans designed for your success
+ Personal + Private + Safe Client Portal
+ Your own journal!  
+ Payment Plan Options available

Imagine if that feeling in your chest caused by anxiety became a distant memory?  Or the little voice in the back of your head telling you aren't good enough disappears for good?  Or perhaps you experience calm confidence? 

Then Less Fret. More Faith Anxiety Coaching is for you!  You'll learn the tools to help quiet the chaos in 90 days!  Isn't it time for a change?  Let's do this together! 

LookingTo Wake Up Every Morning Excited?

1:1 Anxiety Coaching 

Investment: $997

The 3-month Mindset Makeover Health + Wellness Coaching Program is the toxicity-busting program to reset your health from day one and give you the best outlook and wellness of your life!  It's a massive 1:1 coaching program with a huge emphasis on thinking and eating right for your body, mind and spirit.  

Mindset Makeover is designed to reinvent your life in a healthier, more positive way.   Isn't it time you stopped putting your needs aside?  Apply Now and let's do this together! 

It's all about you, my friend!

1:1 Health + Wellness Coaching

Investment: $397 + Arbonne Products 

Break the on-again, off-again diet cycle with 1:1 accountability and highly personal  coaching with The Real Health Thing Nutrition Coaching.  Starting a diet is easy, sticking to it all the way through - that's the hard  part.  When you're on a  diet, it's easy to lose motivation and stop feeling committed.  And it's too  easy to  quit with  the promise of starting over later. 

But with a coach (me!) by your side, (coaching program is 60 days) you'll feel committed and motivated to keep going.  We will reach your goals, and we'll do it together. 

The secret to my coaching is in building personal relationships.  Because to me, coaching isn't just a biz.  It's my life.  And I care about you reaching your goals as much as  you! 

Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle Every Day 

The Real Health Thing:  Nutrition Coaching

Trisha, Mom

"Loretta is exactly the Health + Wellness Coach I needed.  She helped me through my moments of anxiety  and kept me focused on what is necessary."

angela, Nurse

"Loretta is absolute dream.  Before working with her, I was overwhelmed.  She helped me gain confidence to pursue me dreams and goals!"

kennedy, Educator 

"I can't recommend Loretta enough!  She brings a tremendous amount of energy and input in everything she does.  You will love her! "


Thank you!

Think Happier.  Think calmer. 
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